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CPS Congress 2019

Congress is all about having fun, learning something new, being inspired, taking or making great photos, reconnecting with old friends and making new friends and that is exactly what we plan on doing.
• Great line up of Lecturers
• A variety of Amazing Workshops
• Optional Horse Sessions of 3hrs
• Accommodation available
• 21 - 24 March 2019

Coming Soon!

SAVAS Weekly Facebook Photo Challenge

We started a weekly Facebook photo challenge to keep our members active in their craft.

We will be posting a subject weekly for you to flex your creative muscles with. The week’s challenge will also be announced on the SAVAS WhatsApp group and Website Home Page.

Keep in mind that the photos must be recent, creative and tell a story if it’s applicable. The goal of this challenge is to sharpen your senses and skills and to learn how to use your camera in different ways.

Week 46 Winner - Suné Nel - Road To...